Sunday, October 30, 2011

20th Week @ XIMB

20th Week- 23rd October to 29th October

23rd October: Learned about TSCR (Trend, Seasonality, Cyclicity and Random)

24th October: An Introduction to Livelihood Promotion : Traditionally the solution to the problems of poverty was conceived as an increase in income levels through the generation of employment. However this vision has changed in the last two decades. This publication shows how it is possible to promote livelihoods as a means for poverty reduction.

One cannot feed the hungry on statistics - David Lloyd George

MEARS- 85 % of savings accounts and 60 % of current accounts act as fixed deposit.

RPLS- Muhammad Yunus : Poverty was not created by the poor. There is nothing wrong with these people. They are just as capable and inventive and have as much potential as others. The system simply never gave them a chance to grow. If you really want to solve poverty you should enable people to take matters into their own hands.

25th October: Didn't recall events of today. I read an interesting statement by Gopal Vittal, Executive director for home and personal care at Hindustan Unilever on Indian market - Don’t Bet Your Money on India, Bet on its States. Only states that excel in the quality of human capital and infrastructure, rate of private investment and have a smaller government will attract more business.

26th October: Diwali Holiday ! Celebrated with harmony, joy and lot of fun. Students were looking more like human than machines after a long time.

27th October: I was told about Toolkit Break-Even Analysis tool in Marketing class. HBS (Harvard Business School) Toolkit Break-Even Analysis :Marketers studying the launch of a new product or service use break-even analysis to help determine at what point the product or service can be expected to be profitable. This downloadable interactive workbook, one of several workbooks/ tutorials from the HBS Toolkit used by Harvard Business School students, is designed to help calculate a break-even point or target-profit level based on the fixed costs, variable costs, and unit price of the product or service being analyzed.

28th October: MEARS mid term exam.

29th October: FSA mid term exam.

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