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16th Week @ XIMB

16th Week --- 25th September to 1st October

25th September : Attended the class of P T Joseph. I shared answers of personal questions in the public. I disagreed with him about the revealing of private data in public. I am gaining guts each day to face down the powerful and say what needs to be said. And I hope that it should inspire introverts and progressives.

Since, I am selected for first round of summer internship for TERI, I started studying for the interview.

Q&A: Clean Energy for India’s ‘Base of the Pyramid’: WRI’s new report, in collaboration with CDF-IFMR, looks at the market potential for clean and renewable energy in rural India.

POWER TO THE PEOPLE : Detail Report in PDF format.

TERI has undertaken an initiative of Lighting a Billion Lives (LaBL) through the use of solar lighting devices. The Campaign aims to bring light into the lives of one billion rural people by replacing the kerosene and paraffin lanterns with solar lighting devices. In terms of physical targets, it translates into 200 000 000 solar lanterns in use, assuming that each solar lantern benefits five members of a family.

"Movements have always begun with the people and not with the government." ---Arnold Schwarzenegger

Learning : The key issue with rural is 'last mile penetration' for companies and government agencies in general opinion. Poor often pay higher prices than wealthier consumers do for lower-quality goods and services because of uncompetitive markets.

Kurushetra work is going with quite good pace. I am understanding the complete game as a part of marketing team.

On personal note, a lot of blessings to Saumaya and Sonam also for their caring nature :)

26th September : RM is champion in overall sports meet. Rupika Singh is a damn good performer in so many games. Gaurav Anand played really good in cricket winning streak! Truly, Rupika, Partha, Krishanu and Mithelesh are all-rounders in RM 2011-2013 batch whom I look up to and get inspiration from.

I learned a distinct fact about Indian society and media today in the classroom: Urban population takes media more credible than their rural counterparts. Mass Media does not initiate the change, it can maximum accelerate the process of change. Villagers always identify themselves within their reference groups while urban have self perception of iconoclast.

TERI Interview got postponed today. I have done more study on Solar Energy - Bright Idea: Bringing Eco-friendly Lighting to India's Hinterland

The SPIC MACAY Chapter of XIMB organized Western Classical Music Programme : Cello & Classical Guitar performance by Anders Øien & Gustavo Tavares, two of the best classical musicians from Norway.

27th September : Parthsarthy CR got selected for Summer Internship in Sanguine Management Services. TERI interview got postponed even on Tuesday. It was frustrating !

One of the major factors that I like in the development studies : It talks critical about paternalism and dependence. A factor highly overlooked by our mainstream studies ! I observe both pro and cons of RM programme of XIMB. I like XIMB for its nice blend of management and development in comparison to the 'Other' colleges of rural management. Corporate exposure in RM programme can be well marketed as USP for coming years. I don't like XIMB because it highly undermines the potential of the RM programme in comparison to BM programme. Sometimes administration make me feel our batch as the children of a lesser god.

Good News: Association of Indian Universities (AIU) has granted equivalence of MBA for the Rural Management program of XIMB.

28th September : Whenever I write this blog, I get inspired from Milan Kundera, Anne Frank, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Julian Assange.

RPLS : Learning brain does not have apartment for the different subjects. It is the mixture of interconnected information that makes sense.

Indian movies are substandard in the nature. It is just like Indian markets that is fond of substandard products. That is true for the people also who falls like products on the criteria of merit. Even people don't like and feel threatened by the exceptional talent or an outlier in their group/society/class. Kudos to Manu Bansal for raising bars in academics and rest of people will definitely suffer in the long run with this fatalistic approach!

AP got selected for Summer Internship in ABRL(Aditya Birla Retail Limited).  A coincidence of meeting Sachi madam at CCD :)

A look at the students of Pantnagar university in XIMB confirmed a loyalty and bonding factor amongst themselves. It does not promote outliers but work on the concept of gradual change in coming batches. The tradition of respect and the code of conduct at micro level of observation.

There are lakhs of flood Victims in Orissa and were mass participation in Anna Hazare's movement last month. And we were excluded from each of these movement. It appears quite paradox somewhere in the mind. When the world is changing, do educational institute need to force student becoming apolitical and unconcern in nature. But I have put head down to work alone and not to be influenced by group thinking and mass movements. Today, I am opting out enter into this chaos and struggle. Tomorrow I must must and must return, to do what I can for others.

Few of us in the batch are feeling agitated by some issues over transparency and administrative hurdles. A sher by Faiz Ahmed Faiz to commemorate and summarize what is going inside any institute, country and human society.

ऐ ज़ुल्म के मातों लब खोलो, चुप रहने वालों चुप कब तक,
कुछ हश्र तो इनसे उट्ठेगा, कुछ दूर तो नाले जायेंगे |

29th September : There are two quizzes scheduled today. An average performance in both of them. Rafa was admitted to hospital. His medical report is not a sign of good health.

Only few days have deep impact on the course of a life. September 29th is a remarkable day when lasting memories are made. While riding my bike, the wind flowing through my hair has given me a feeling of ecstasy on the September night.

30th September :Discussion in RPLS class : Questions and Answers: Deep Joshi

Sum of capability of our batch in cynical form : Underemployment of sub standard products in the market. Reading capacity of the RM batch is quite low. Best academic institutes create persons with reading capability that gave them a upper hand over their competitors.

There are staunch leftist in the faculty who does not consider market good. Hence, have a quite negative view of the new world. They are not a problem now. The problem of our generation : Persons (in our batch also) who thinks 'Capitalism' as the only way of development. They have no deep analysis and idea of the social welfare, justice, merit and opportunities. They consider 'Merit' as a uni-dimensional tool for the progressive society. Anti protest and positive discrimination policies like reservations appear futile to them. There worldview doesn't consider social factors like social taboos, caste discrimination (now caste assertion) much in the counting. Only through the framework of economic background, they hastily judge everything. Lack of knowledge of social science in students and lack of knowledge of economics in faculty while over-viewing society is apparent as epidemic everywhere. May be my analysis wrong here ! Yet capitalist or communist, most of us are 'western' not 'modern' in the social behaviour.

1st October : It is a start of Dussehra holiday. I am out of XIMB. Hurray !
A good video to enjoy weekend : The 6 killer apps of prosperity: Niall Ferguson on

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