Saturday, September 24, 2011

15th Week @ XIMB

15th Week --- 18th September to 24th September

18th September - There is complete lack of any participation of student in decding the course structure of Rural Management. Institute like IRMA (Institute of Rural Management) should be named IRDA (Institute of Rural Development); The camouflage of campus placement does not change the mentality of the faculties who push students towards NGO sector. There is call of "bottom-up development" in every rural management programs without being implemented on their own students !

The recording, identifying and acknowledgment of “every casualty of development propaganda” in a rural management programs is an idea whose time has come.

Hope, the rebel voice of mine gets a fruitful result otherwise we all know that the people who produce half a revolution, dig their own grave.

19th September - MEARS : Mischief mongers dig their own grave. Parasite, below poverty line and ungrateful are the words used with full sarcasm by Prof S P Das. But its quite reflection ours lack of clear knowledge.

There is a lot of anger over selection of candidates for Live projects for RMAX (Rural managers' Association of XIMB). Its clear that there is lot of compromise over merit. Few of us have planned to talk to seniors regarding this biased selection process. It is necessary to distinct between participatory and organizational model of RMAX. First round of talks with Shivam failed a general sense of mood of dialouge was initiated. The word 'perception' and 'sop' were

20th September - I don't notice whether it's raining or not today because I was happy for having a coffee on rainy day.I barely managed to finish FR assignment. The task of making a balance sheet of a shop no. 23 of Xavier vendor zone. I understood why no body believes the data given by government.

21st September - There was cancellation of visit to flood zone of mine and Rahul Wahi at the last moment. It was disappointment for me.

In RPLS (Rural Production & Livelihood Systems) class there was a discussion on BAIF and ideas of development by Late Dr. Manibhai Desai. BAIF Development Research Foundation is a professionally managed non-profit Public Trust, established by a noted Gandhian, Late Dr. Manibhai Desai in 1967, to promote sustainable livelihood in Rural India.

I missed the dance deliberately prevailing health reason. I don't know why but I remembered a quite good paper on management.

"Bad Management Theories are Destroying Good Management Practices" by Sumantra Ghoshal, Academy of Management Learning and Education, 2005 Vol. 4 Issue 1, pp. 75–91

22nd September - Average performance in FSA test . But a good joint venture study session with AP. Quite an easy and relaxing day.

23rd September - There was discussion on an article of economic times : Teach People to Fish in RPLS lecture. There is good debate in the class itself on the approach to see poor from market or welfare view.

I feel little low on energy as was not selected for 2nd Round of Sanguine Management Services.

24th September - A sleeping and tiring day for me. Two SRM classes back to back were highly boring. The assignment of EQ & Leadership shows my trait towards : Innovative Leadership and Strategic Leadership.

It is also remembered as a day of gift of a special book :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sparsh: Development in a Trimester of rural management

Sparsh: Development in a Trimester of rural management: John Stuart Mill is right here: there is no development, democratic or economic, without an educated citizenry. Hence with this statement, ...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

14th Week @ XIMB

14th Week --- 11th September to 17th September

11th September - OB and RDA exams are over. Hence, there is formal closure of first trimester with few assignments.

There is a difference between fresher and experienced student in the college regarding money. While both of them know how to spend money cautiously, the experienced candidate know how to accumulate money little by little for desired product. A pearl of wisdom from Partha.

12th September - One more installment of fees paid with my hard earned money. Missed SRP presentation due to headache. Demand Draft for 2nd trimester is ready.

A special Talk given by Mr. Anshu Gupta who is the CEO of GOONJ (

A brilliant and inquisitive mind, he studied journalism as well as Advertising & Public Relations from one of the premier Institute in India (Indian Institute of Mass Communication), and then went on to do a Masters in Economics. While still a graduate student in 1991, he traveled to Uttarkashi, North India after a major earthquake. Missing out on his classes, he lived in tents for days and helped in the relief efforts. This was his first real exposure to the problems of rural masses in far off parts of the country, something that shocked his urban sensibilities.

He emphasized on the difference between discarding and donating of clothes. To make clothing a matter of concern for Indians is a big leap forward by him. His emphasis on taboo subject of sanitary napkins in the context of India was heart wrenching. We middle and elite class wait for disaster to help people. Why ? Such a tough question was never asked to me in the life. I was speechless at the end of the talk. He has asked some tough questions from himself. Why can't I ?

13th September - Nothing special; Written a general blog post at Sparsh titling : Development in a Trimester of rural management.

14th September - 9-9:30 in the class. Tired and super low on energy level. SRM lecture brushed the concept of paradigm shift and black swan.

15th September - ITM is an interesting. French Fries at Pal Heights are not so good but the com:)

16th September - MEARS and FSA are going out of hand. A team from Wageningen University was in campus on a collaborative project with XIMB. Its focus was on “The System of Rice Intensification as a Socio-Technical Movement in India”

One good video seen today; Economist Yasheng Huang compares China to India, and asks how China's authoritarian rule contributed to its astonishing economic growth -- leading to a big question: Is democracy actually holding India back?

17th September - PROJM and ITM class were just pastime. Re-read a research paper - Rural Management Education in India: A Retrospect by M.S. Sriram. Talk by Ajit Mohapatra, CMD, Kalinga Engineering Ltd. on Leadership. He started with LPG ( Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) and later moved to non risk taking capability of public sector and bureaucracy. Government Secretariat was termed as grave of all great ideas !

Sunday, September 11, 2011

13th Week @ XIMB

13th Week --- 4th September to 10th September

4th September - Sunday. A relaxed day in the life of a XIMB student in the whole weekend. A good video seen today on talent and merit, thanks to Namit Arora Sir (Shunya)

5th September - A holiday before exam... like a silence before storm.

6th September - FR quiz on this day.

Talks by person from World Bank and NRLM on Rural Livelihoods: Challenges and Opportunities.

I was selected in Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra, Expressions game committee was launched in 1995. Hence, it has the distinction of being the first game committee of XIMB. Unlike other B schools which look to outsource the game committee framework to a professional third party, Kurukshetra is the brain child of XIMB's own systems genius Dr. Gopal Krishna Nayak. The sophisticated and solid structure of the game is its strength.

7th September - ME: A tough subject is over with an average exam.

8th September - LTB and COMM exams over.

9th September - SADA and FR exams are over. I commented after FR paper :- Two columns of Balance Sheet are like parallel lines. Never meant to meet with each other :P

10th September - QM paper is over today. Feeling a paradigm shift in the academical values today while preparing for the an exam on SUNDAY !

Sunday, September 4, 2011

12th Week @ XIMB

12th Week --- 28th August to 3rd September

28th August - Sunday. No work and missed Envision organized by XSYS. SRP work finished today.

29th August - Thanks to Partha and AP that I landed up in the class for right time.

30th August - Every teacher is in hurry to finish the course.

31st August - Eid Holiday !

1st September - Ganesh Pooja Holiday ! Lunch food had came from ISKCON. There are students who didn't know how to eat from their hands. It was hilarious to watch them eating from 2 fingers :P

2nd September - A long day to get tired. 5 classes a day. I was in the part of 2 team and one personal presentation. Goofed up in one slide and mistype "blind spot" as "blood spot";

3rd September - ME test was done on the basis of pure chances. But QM presentation was superb. Happy with the positive feedback of sir and my team. Gave feedback of each subject and teacher. Indra Nooyi and Ela Bhatt were chosen as examples of woman leaders in LTB class.


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