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I have graduated as Mechanical Engineer from ITBHU Varanasi. I have worked as Information Security Engineer at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) India Pvt Ltd . I have done Masters in Rural Management at XIMB. I am a currently building a career in development sector with interests varying in the area of Livelihoods, Skill Development, Migration, Micro-finance, Digital Finance, Disaster Management, M&E, Enterprise Development and Financial Inclusion. I will like to explore more in the area of Consultancy and Business Development.


  1. Hi Himanshu,

    I bumped into this blog while searching for Agriculture topics. We at Agriculture Circle (http://agriculturecircle.com/) are looking for Guest Bloggers as Contributors, this will be an unpaid gig. Please let us know if you would be interested.

    Best Regards,
    Keerthi Kadam

    1. Thanks for the generous offer but I don't write for other platforms (paid /unpaid).

  2. Hello sir, i am a chemical engineering graduate. After struggling for a job in this sector i stopped searching for job. During those days when i was unemployed i started reading about rural people, this thing changed my mind totally. I decided to work for rural people. I searched for some RM courses, but all of them are based on CAT scores. One day accidentally i got to know about NIRDPR, after 2 trials finally i got selected in the PGDRDM course. Now i am in a big dilemma. NIRD focuses mainly on livelihoods and poverty, and their course mentor is an IRMA alumni who is forcing students to follow IRMA's cooperative ideology. The course has become jumbled structure of old NIRD's and IRMA's course. I am not learning anything here. The mentor has messed up everything. Email me your response ( sshoaibshaikh2509@hotmail.com)



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This Blog is meant purely as a personal diary of a rural manager in making. It exists to record information, experiences and opinions about various issues encountered in the line of duty. Any person, institution and organization mentioned here doesn't assume any liability for its contents. This is not a deliberate attempt to defame anyone. And if you have actually read all that is written in the blog and aren't mad at me, then thanks for your time and patience !


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