Sunday, August 28, 2011

11th Week @ XIMB

11th Week --- 21th August to 27th August

21st August - Birthday. Sunday. Batch took me in the air from room to the hostel front. Love you RM 2011-2013 BATCH.

22nd August - Nothing special but exhaustive day in classes.Launch of Spardha was awesome. Theme waschosen from starting scene of Gulaal. Mashaal and Gulaal added the colour in the show. Literally, it stirred the sentiments of the people.

23rd August - Mother Teresa and remembered the book The missionary position by Christopher Hitchens that dealt with a frank expose of the Teresa cult. Learning about Financial sheet is quite good. Feeling happy with the content of FR course ; Shadow placement committee work.Website discussion. A form was float to know expectation of the batch internship and job expectations. Launch of LAXIM 1 ( lol !)

24th August - COMM classroom discussions were awesome : Ethical sensivity, whistle-blower in company, Is business a commercial or social activity, spiritualism, focus on deadlines and Incentives vs Karma theory of work. Learned that take chance for choice. Rupika is reaaly good speaker on public platform !

25th August - Talk on rural marketing by Kalpana Kaul (Raina); LITTE preparation for dinner. Long chat with Deopriya madam, she has amazing knowledge of poetry.

26th August - Never make question in sequential manner for survey. It should capture
holistic approach. That I learned from OB lecture. SADA video presentation. It was damn wrong evaluation. Emotion matters more than facts and statistics.

COMM discussion were deep. Batch shows hidden maturity. Take 2 minute timefor yourself. On learning about Economic rent, I remembered Atanu Dey analysis of 2G spectrum case.

27th August - Red Letter Day of my life ! Missed class ME,soft skill lesson and Envision 2011. Gone to temple :)

Very nice song by Manhar from Movie 'Aap To Aise Na The' that came in mine mind today.

Learning of Week : You don't stop asking question if you don't get answer.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

10th Week @ XIMB

उम्मीद वक्त का सबसे बड़ा सहारा है, गर हौसला है तो हर मौज में किनारा है। -'साहिर' लुधियानवी

10th Week --- 14th August to 20th August

14th August - Bike came to Bhubaneswar ! SRC cordially invited everyone for the candle march tonight in honour of country's Independence Day.

15th August - First Holiday of the Trimester ! Not attended flag hosting ceremony due to sleep. Spent time with children at orphanage for SRP project. That was much better way of celebrating independence.

16th August - Summer Internship Process started today. I was busy man today as a shadow Placecom member. Literally run 100m for a cup of coffee to HR. Gaurav Anand, Joslin Jose, Abhijeet and Anshul were finally selected in this agri input company.

17th August - Not much happening day. Sportscom Applicants were invited and most ; Yogesh Joshi was finally selected in any committee.

18th August - Robert Mulhal of Lucca Leadership gives a brilliant interactive session. He pointed out about : Awareness to Serve and Everybody is leader.In,Shoelace game was really  good. Then, there was RDA presentation; We presented our ppt on Peru's famous NGO Flora Tristan;

Check this video for inspiration presented by Robert.

19th August - Learned in OB-1 lecture that about deep impact of the repetition of micro stresses and Techno stress. F M Sahoo asked us : Never do any work on holiday!

It was World Humanitarian Day; S. Parsuraman, Director, TISS, Mumbai and Mr. Mihir Bhatt, Founder, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute (AIDMI), Ahmedabad were there in the list of speakers. Seminar revolved around disaster events that has impacted India. More details here on SRC blog.

20th August - RDA quiz was there on Saturday.Pretty good show for whole batch; Not attended launch of Kurushetra. Came in the Game Committee Defaulters.

Learning of the week - New term learned this week Servant Leadership.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

9th Week @ XIMB

9th Week --- 7th August to 13th August

7th August - I opened my eyes in Jharkhand. And our train reached at Jamshedpur in the morning. I remembered Udaan movie.

8th August - Returned from XLRI,Jamshedpur in the afternoon. Mr. Inir Pinheiro an alumnus of XIMB RM addressed us tonight. He is a Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Grassroutes. His emphasis on dreams, networking and sharing ideas with role models was the core of the talk. Yes, he told about the sacrifices made in personal and professional life throughout this 5 years.

MBA schools are over hyped placement agencies. That line completely knocked me down.

9th August - Biresh Sahoo is an awesome person and definitely an outlier. Today, he compared h index of the research papers in the microeconomics class. None of the teacher stands near to him in XIMB. He unveiled the mask of sophistication in the research field of many eminent names in XIMB.Research gives one frustration while teaching gives money. Only conclusion that I can draw from the Indian education system. I am planning to do same case study for my previous Alma mater.  FR class is quite interactive in nature.

10th August - CEO of Srijan and Ashoka fellow- Mr. Ved Arya was cancelled. Another fellow from Srijan, an IRMA graduate gives a very balanced talk. As per him, it is necessary to get your hands dirty in young age with field work.

11th August - We reached Gram Vikas, Bahrahampur after 2 hours of train and bus journey. Have got the preview of the organization.Gram Vikas uses water and sanitation as a cleansing force for societal ills, and an in-roads to social equity and holistic village empowerment and development.

12th August - I have the chance to have field trip to a tribal village in Orissa. 30 odd families of Kondha tribe were there. A memorable day of my life. Happy with the performance and participation of the group. My group consist of Sreevidya, Suma, Vandana, Vaibhav, Dr. Jyoti , Joslin, Nafis, Gaurish and me. Sad with the immature behaviour of my batch.

दिल ना उम्मीद तो नही, नाकाम ही तो है, लंबी है गम की शाम, मगर शाम ही तो है. --फैज अहमद 'फैज

13th August - Our batch missed the breakfast due to late night work. It hurts Peppin Sir. I am too feeling like guilty of crime in wasting food. Joe told us about demystification of various myths propagated by social conditioning. Returned back to Bhubaneshwar.

हजार बर्क गिरें, लाख आंधियां उठें, वह फूल खिल के रहेंगे, जो खिलने वाले हैं। --साहिर लुधियानवी

Saturday, August 6, 2011

8th Week @ XIMB

8th Week --- 31st July to 6th August

31st July - "Teach for India" came for a Presentation at XIM, Bhubaneswar. Sunday Morning was good. SAMBANDH 2011 kicked started in the evening.

वो इंतजार था जिसका ये वो सहर तो नहीं, ये वो सहर तो नहीं जिसकी आरजू लेकर.

I remembered this line today. The batch is doing awesome in dance, song, games and every extra curricular activities. Yet no body is uttering a single word either about B Plan or Social Entrepreneurship. What a batch of under performers. Anyone's role model define the horizon of his/her aspirations. Our batch is choosing wrong role models for rural management programme.

1st Aug - SADA class was good today because there was discussion on Ideology. I loved one quote mentioned in slide. "When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why are they poor, they call me a Communist."

Pandit Shri Hari Prasad Chaurasia conducted a Hindustani Classical Flute Recital today. It was mesmerizing and worth experiencing. His consummate artistry and inimitable style held the audience spell bound for 2 hours. As they say : The flute is the symbol of the spiritual call - The call of the divine love.

Sports Committee Launch also happened. Another day in XIMB is over. But I will quit alcohol and cigarettes. As in the words of Suma - Music has an overwhelming effect to change the mood.

2nd Aug - XQuizzite Launch Quiz. One team used smart phones for quiz that was quite sad.

3rd Aug - ME (Managerial Economics) marks came. 3.5 out of 10. Not bad for me.

4th Aug - LTB lecture was a disaster for the class.

5th Aug - RDA quiz is disaster for the batch. Rest of the day was passed in relaxing way. Milind Gete is upset over the pedagogy employed here. I agree with him. Ours batch is under-performing despite of huge potential.

6th Aug -Finally, the pending initiation of Field Familiarity Program by Kajri Mishra today. No group presented the ppt but we have a talk delivered by a fantastic person named Joe Madith. Joe Madith founded Gram Vikas in 1979; He make a few sarcastic/formal comment on Shambhu sir, students and XIMB in his speech but that was quite well articulated in the nature.

Social entrepreneur Joe Madiath, founder and executive director of Gram Vikas tells about his life to NDTV.

Joe Madith told about his life. He was involved heavily in students politics and expelled from several schools during early adolescent. He is an alumnus of Loyola College Chennai. He had done cycle tour of India covering each district.  He was working on Bio Gas (Bullshit) and then he shifted to sanitation (Full-shit) programme. He doesn't believe in change but complete transformation and there was a lot stress on Human dignity in his speech. That part touched me. I always felt that lack of dignity of physical labour is rampant in India. Despite of his left oriented thought process, he is working as CEO of Gram Vikas.

Two anecdotes are especially mention-able. First, George Bush sit on the last bench in the classroom. That was pointed by his professor in Harvard Business School. Hence, an open warning was given to backbenchers. Second, he was offered a meeting and cup of tea after several protests by British consulate in Chennai. While American consulate asked his principal for prosecuting him to due to his non violent protests against Vietnam war and equal rights for Afro Americans. A good example of difference between policies of two nation in a third world country...

Lesson Learned : First, poor people don't want miserable solution. They want the best like any other humans. Second, authority is not the source of truth. Third and last, exclusion of many as birthrights by few is an orthodox practice prevailed all over India.

Social entrepreneur Joe Madiath, founder and executive director of Gram Vikas, tells Global X what happened when, at age 11, he tried to unionize the workers who were employed by his very own father. Within two months, he was in boarding school!

I am going XLRI for sports meet today in the night. Don't ask me which game that I didn't know either.

Monday, August 1, 2011

7th Week @ XIMB

7th Week --- 24th July to 30th July

24th July - Sunday.

Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself

After hitting on a brilliant new life plan, our first instinct is to tell someone, but Derek Sivers says it's better to keep goals secret ! Ted Video

25th July - Leadership & Team Building (LTB) Mid term paper at 6:00 PM

26th July - Managerial Economics (ME) Mid term paper at 3:00 PM

27th July - Rural Financial Institutions & Markets (RFIM) Mid term paper at 3:00 PM

28th July - Quantitative Methods (QM)Mid term paper at 3:00 PM.

29th July - A day started with quiz and further class of Individuals in Organisation (OB-I); There was meet of Placecom committee and discussion is classified secret, not to come in the public blog.

A special Talk delivered by Dr. Kundan Kumar (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography & Centre for Environment, University of Toronto, Canada), on "Climate Justice" at 3:45 PM

A guest lecture by Dr Dindo Campilan from Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)on 29th July 2011 at 6:30 PM

SAXIM Launch happened at night with the motto of Alcohol doesn't console, it doesn't fill up anyone's psychological gaps, all it replaces is the lack of God; There was No PPT, No FLASH and No MANDATORY ATTENDANCE; Only JLT;

30th July - The headbanging, dancing , dehydration and deprivation of sleep is seen on everyone face. Long talk with Saket 'Camus' Vardhan in the morning.

Team SRC (Social Responsibility Cell) X-STAGE launched at 10:30 PM. Talent Hunt 2011 that gives a performing arts competition (on stage). Singing sensations, dancing dynamos, adroit actors and performing prodigies were all there. Yogesh with his adrenaline driven speech showed me necessity of guts despite of various opposition and boos.


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