Sunday, September 11, 2011

13th Week @ XIMB

13th Week --- 4th September to 10th September

4th September - Sunday. A relaxed day in the life of a XIMB student in the whole weekend. A good video seen today on talent and merit, thanks to Namit Arora Sir (Shunya)

5th September - A holiday before exam... like a silence before storm.

6th September - FR quiz on this day.

Talks by person from World Bank and NRLM on Rural Livelihoods: Challenges and Opportunities.

I was selected in Kurukshetra. Kurukshetra, Expressions game committee was launched in 1995. Hence, it has the distinction of being the first game committee of XIMB. Unlike other B schools which look to outsource the game committee framework to a professional third party, Kurukshetra is the brain child of XIMB's own systems genius Dr. Gopal Krishna Nayak. The sophisticated and solid structure of the game is its strength.

7th September - ME: A tough subject is over with an average exam.

8th September - LTB and COMM exams over.

9th September - SADA and FR exams are over. I commented after FR paper :- Two columns of Balance Sheet are like parallel lines. Never meant to meet with each other :P

10th September - QM paper is over today. Feeling a paradigm shift in the academical values today while preparing for the an exam on SUNDAY !

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