Sunday, September 4, 2011

12th Week @ XIMB

12th Week --- 28th August to 3rd September

28th August - Sunday. No work and missed Envision organized by XSYS. SRP work finished today.

29th August - Thanks to Partha and AP that I landed up in the class for right time.

30th August - Every teacher is in hurry to finish the course.

31st August - Eid Holiday !

1st September - Ganesh Pooja Holiday ! Lunch food had came from ISKCON. There are students who didn't know how to eat from their hands. It was hilarious to watch them eating from 2 fingers :P

2nd September - A long day to get tired. 5 classes a day. I was in the part of 2 team and one personal presentation. Goofed up in one slide and mistype "blind spot" as "blood spot";

3rd September - ME test was done on the basis of pure chances. But QM presentation was superb. Happy with the positive feedback of sir and my team. Gave feedback of each subject and teacher. Indra Nooyi and Ela Bhatt were chosen as examples of woman leaders in LTB class.

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