Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Suggested Viewing for Rural Manager

We realized that the important thing was not the film itself but that which the film provoked. —Fernando Solanas ("Cinema as Gun")

The purpose of nearly all films/ documentaries is to communicate. People want to communicate to outside world hidden portrayals and interpretations of the society. There will be no solution but a simplistic view of this world through the eyes of cinema. What good is cinema if it trails behind literature ? Just as in literature, as the taste has moved from fiction to nonfiction, this happens in film as well. There is need for an individual to engage with harder issues such as poverty, gender discrimination, sex trade, class struggle, prostitution, environmental damage, terrorism, ethnic and religious riots. We unknowingly or knowingly forms opinion on them very fast. But such complex issues require further probe to see the complete picture. A film or documentary is a naive effort to increase our knowledge base before making any judgement.

I am enlisting films and documentaries that shows bewitching, haunting, anxious and even comic portrait of our society's underground life. On one side the cinema display the natural beauty of the society along with representing the related customs and cultures, the other side the hidden taboos and exploitative practices. What one want to communicate and what one hope to reach is two different sides of same coin. I hope you will have rational and emotional response to section of lost, forgotten or overshadowed experiences presented through simple, straight to heart edition of cinema.

1- Movies on Business - Rocket Singh Salesman of Year, Trishul, Guru & Chak De India, Pursuit of Happiness, It’s a Wonderful Life, Thank You for Smoking, The Hudsucker Proxy, Death of a Salesman, Glengarry Glen Ross, Barbarians at the Gate, The Social Network, The Insider, The Godfather, Wall Street, 12 Angry Men, Up in the Air, Modern Times, Norma Rae, A Christmas Carol, Syriana.

2- Movies on Development - Manthan, Swades, Peepli Live, Well Done Abba, Do Bigha Zamin, Mother India, Aghaat , Gaabhricha Paus, Goshta Choti Dongraevadhi, Jhing Chik Jhing, Kanchivaram, Bawandar.

3- Good Documentaries - There's No Tomorrow; The Yes Men Fix the World; Inside Job; A Small Act; Smartest Guys in the Room; The Corporation; Food, Inc.; An Inconvenient Truth; India Untouched; Jai Bhim Comrade; Kiran Bedi: Yes Madam, Sir ; Ram ke Nam; Pitr, Putr aur Dharmayuddha, Born Into Brothels ; The Day My God Died; The Story of India ; Final Solution ; Love in India; The Slow Poisoning of India; A Narmada Diary ; Satyamev Jayate(TV Series).

One may suffer from PDDD (Post Documentary Dullness Disorder). I hope you feel the films and documentaries, because you will not enjoy it. These films have more role other than eroticism and social duty. We are just given tour of reality through them. Saying in the words of John Grierson- In documentary we deal with the actual, and in one sense with the real. But the really real, if I may use that phrase, is something deeper than that. The only reality which counts in the end is the interpretation which is profound.

Remember, all our lives, we have been asked to believe that "quality matters, not quantity". Yes, there is absence of a critical documentaries on current phase of Indian society that reflect a big lapse in our higher education. Watch the films and grasp reality of development either for people or fair market, one bite at a time - every films will tell something, you don't know ;)

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