Saturday, October 20, 2012

71st Week@XIMB

71st Week@XIMB - 14th October to 20th October, 2012

14th October - Binayak Acharya & Gaurish Manerkar won 1st Prize at B-plan competition in KIIT. That is a one more positive news for XIMB.

15th October - In SCM, we discussed about basics of network design in supply chain.

We were taught in CBRM lecture about attitude formation that is explained through tri component model of Cognition, Affective and Conative process. (Source; Schiffman and Kanuk, 2004). I was suggested to read about The Stanford Prison Experiment.We were told about tom sawyer effect where sometimes a very unattractive thing can also be made very attractive. There is a webpage for more study.

16th October - There was case study on Timex corporation in strategy class.

There was discussion on Daniel Kanheman in CBRM lecture and his Dual process theory where System 1 is Automatic & unconscious and System 2 is Slow and sequential thinking. I read a good article on discounts- Paying more in a sale? How to spot a real bargain from sneaky retail tricks.

The symbols are powerful instrument in touching the chords of the customer. When Gandhi broke the salt laws, he was expressing pent up emotions among Indians. The salt tax charged the Indian people for a basic human necessity and prevented them making their own salt. Hence, Indians were forced to look for the meaning of freedom in their daily life affected by British Rule.

17th October - There is an urgent need to learn linear programming model for going through basic of distribution network design.

We all learned something about Power Chemical companies through the case - Creating Fertile Ground for Knowledge at Monsanto. In power chemical sector, life of patent is 7 years while that is 16 -20 years for pharma sector. We were given insight about core competence through example of Larsen & Toubro (L&T).

18th October - In STM, there was focus on growth, stability and other strategies followed by companies. In this CBRM lecture, I learned about different type of heuristic : Anchoring, Availability, Naive Diversification, Affect, Social Proof and Effort.

19th October - The classes are closed leading to Puja Holiday.

20th October - I should interact with persons from different social strata to understand the aspirations, source of strength and fears of individual. TV, Social Media and Internet is not reality, go outside, travel, talk to different people and live. There are places where people have never seen a proper doctor. Mike Horn, the adventurer has aptly put importance of living life full of new experiences: "If you don't have any challenges, you don't have experience and if you don't have experience you haven't lived life."

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