Sunday, June 26, 2011

2nd Week @ XIMB

2nd Week --- 19th June to 25th June :

This week was indulged in studying, meetings and alumni talks. Room no. 219 was named as General Headquarters Rawalpandi and Room no. 216 Incubation center for RM 2011-2013 batch !

Library Card was issued but no books taken by me!
Laptop was repaired but no further use in Education !
Courier of the Bags and accessories was delayed for 3 more days !

SRP ( Socially Relevant Projects): kicked off. A visit to the field changes the thinking pattern of people. Looking forward towards it.

Communication Class : What a class and a fantastic teacher. Loved the video recording session. The feedback was a learning experience of lifetime.

Rural Development and Administration Class : So much of pre-read material helping me this time.

Other subjects are quite interesting. But the high point is pedagogy of the teaching. Never have experience of such an open environment and teachers acting as facilitators. Pitched for fist time in an election but lost to a better competitor Gautam Bhut. Difference between vision and trend in XIMB - RM needs to be taken care of.

On critical issue, the batch still lacks a good intellectual background and diversity. The experience of ground work is there but an acute understanding of the developmental problem is somewhat missing in freshers. Sometimes, I have even doubt on the selection of few student in this course [Questions like improvement of "GDP of the village" worries me :P]. The people with good intentions but unwilling to learn the complex answers slightly irritates me. I hope that things will change for better in the future.

Quote of the Week : It's me who make the difference.

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