Sunday, April 1, 2018

Thoughtful Present!

Development solutions are inherently difficult, every individual in this field experiences failure at some points. Even when it comes to mundane work, everyone needs advice. Whether one isn't sure how to tackle an assignment or want to talk through an interesting job offer, there’s nothing better than having a few mentors to help you out along the way. As an individual gaining new skills by working with a mentor, one can take on more ambitious projects; As one recognize new problems to address, one can work with the mentor to develop additional expertise.

Being mentored helps in the career from 'sleepwalking into slow terminal decline'. And, on the job mentoring is much more effective than formal training programs. Mentor-ship is given when someone with expertise and experience takes an aspiring individual under their wing, to share their knowledge and advice, and to provide support and guidance in career development.

It's hard to praise boss and credit him/her as a mentor. Yet, here I am doing so. I am currently working with Mr. Swaminathan S who is quite democratic and empowers everyone around him. He is prepared to stick around for a good, long conversation about the career road up, out, and forward. Being mentored has helped me to break down the barriers between the theoretical knowledge and practical realities in development, as well as provide a much needed support network in early phase of my career.

As they say gifts come without warning when we least expect them. Got a copy of Rain Making: Attract New Clients No Matter What Your Field by Ford Harding from mentor near closing of the financial year. In Dante’s Inferno, at the bottommost circle of hell, the ungrateful are punished by being eternally frozen in the postures of deference they had failed to perform during their lifetimes: trapped rigid in enveloping ice, they stand erect or upside down, lie prone, or bow face to feet.”

I rarely acknowledge thoughtfulness, and generosity of the power-holders. Yet, I do this time.

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  1. I stumbled upon this. A must have this book, "Rain Making"!



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