Wednesday, December 11, 2013

More Words, Less Work

Jargon is not monopoly of B School students, as they are also used excessively in the development sector. That is why practitioner doesn't read academic literature. The funny part is that the jargon such as 'Sustainable' and 'Strategy' in daily vocab as student is not coming any use to me. Development academics are known for their penchant for creating jargon where there is need for none, points out Pulitzer-Prize and Oscar-winning cartoonist and novelist Jules Feitter in his inimitable style.

“I used to think I was poor. Then they told me I wasn’t poor, I was needy. Then they said needy was an expression that is self defeating, I was actually deprived. Then again they said deprived created a bad image, I was actually underprivileged. Now they say underprivileged is inaccurate. I am actually disadvantaged. I still don’t have a dime, but I sure have a rich vocabulary!” – Jules Feitter

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