Saturday, May 12, 2012

48th Week@XIMB

48th Week@XIMB - 6th May to 12th May, 2012

06th May - Kudos to Aamir Khan for Satyamev Jayate. Satyamev Jayate doesn't need us. We the people need the TV programs like this. It is educating the public by destructing our sweet lies and false notions of Indian society. Our safe, middle-class morality and India rising campaigns should be re-examined with time making us think hard even our definition of traditions, social justice and cultural values. No one has paid attention to the same cause of stopping female foeticide that had been taken by various human rights activists from years. Now with Satyamev Jayate, everybody is talking about it. It tells us a lot about our society. Tasleema Nasreen aptly summarized this as : The truth is female foeticide is a symptom, not a cause. It's a symptom of the disease that treats women as 2nd class citizen.

The rage on FB and Twitter may have caused revolution in the middle east but it is still in prevailed by ignorant youths. While FB is full time killing machine. its full of young, school-educated, urban Indians who don't know anything about the forces shaping their nation's destiny. We campaign to save our Tigers but none of us know that there is another endangered breed called as the Farmers. I don't know how we will unburden the well educated youths of its collective ignorance about India. In this age, I really find difficult to find a youth icon. There are only few like P Sainath, Medha Patekar, Aruna Roy who are indifferent to the structures and censure of society. I admire them precisely because of their refusal to kowtow before the alter of power.

In my view, the only speech worth having is free. Otherwise, its a farce democracy. The free speech and gender issues had been violated previously in India. Going through the blogs and news posts of the journalist and human righ activists, the conditions in India had been demotivating for free minds. There are cases of gross hman rights violation all over country. If it was going on in small town of Chhattisgarh... who cares about Chhattisgarh? Many people have not even heard the NAME Chhattisgarh. If it is happening in Imphal, who cares? -- only few chinkis are involved. We tend to small pieces of humanity are involved. This blind Ashwamedhi horse of development by state must be knuckled by the youth of this nation only.

07th May - Lucknow is no longer land of elephants(symbols) as Mayawati had been showed exit from the CM throne in elections. The number of scams and corruption cases in UP have crossed the limit of the common man. The caste system is deeply affecting the election outcomes. There is no sign of politics based even on the name of development. While neighboring states have shown remarkable progress in recent years, the situation of UP has deteriorated with the time. With new government of Akhilesh Yadav, there is a bleak ray of hope for its citizens. Hoping for a more clean and accountable governance this time.

08th May - There is no provision of holiday in the internship. But,there are enough unproductive days in this one month.

09th May - Meeting with DM is tough yet not impossible for common citizen now. I had meeting with DM, Bhind today. The meeting was short and swift. But not much data was made available. The district magistrate is mostly handling law and order situation.

10th May - Internet services are hampered all over government offices from last two days in this district. Even BSNL network was not working. I was badly out of coverage and communication.

11th May - This was one of the most productive day in the government services. A lot of useful data regarding water level at various dams was gathered at Irrigation department. I started journey for Bhopal to day for mid term review.

12th May - Bhopal is safe and sound for two days of relaxation. But, I have my share of lessons in 4 Weeks at MP:

- A person from east UP is considered intellectual and cultured by people in Bhind.

- There is no disaster plan in the district. Face it, Cope it and Manage it. Such is the scenario.

- One need to assert power and position for getting weightage in the government work done. I was treated lightly as an intern but paid much attention when introduced as Disaster Management Officer.

- The problem of corruption is more structural not personal in the government machinery.

- Application written in English is preferred over application in Hindi by peons.

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